Friday, June 12, 2015

The Glook's VS. The Blobs; Shape/Color Cartoon Character

Hello my name is Stargone and I was born in the Galactic Universe of the Blobs. My parents sent me away on a UFO when I was a first born to protect me from our predators the Blobs. My state of mine is very calm as well as angry because I wish to get back at those blobs, they destroyed my home Planet Glook as well as all the Glook's on it. My parents set my UFO location to the far away planet called Thunderworn and there are no sign of life here. My fellow Glooks's sent me away with there most prized possession, the Glookem. The Glookem is a magical wand that summons miniature star minions that are here to protect me from any Blobs. My favorite thing to do is use my magical wand, until I master every single secret within, I also enjoy watching the miniscule planets like Jupiter orbit the sun. My current job is nothing because they is no life I am currently building a ship to find a new place to live on. My least favorite thing to do is to hear other miniature planets in the distant blow up. The Blobs are looking for me and want the sacred magic wand.

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